• Rare Interview with the late former UFC Champion Kevin “The Monster” Randleman (R.I.P.)

    In this epic episode of Conversations With Cogee, “The Community Speaks Out”, (Original airdate: April 18, 2011 Ep. 29), Cogee and his panel bring awareness on predators/pedophiles that are targeting and tormenting our children everyday. This episode is part of a series on Conversations With Cogee that sparked the Hands Off Our Children Movement. Cogee and his team encourage the community to speak up, speak […]



  • April 13 – Julie A. Fast and Josie Spinardi

    Tune in this Monday, April 13th, from 2pm-5pm(Pacific)/5pm-8pm(Eastern), for an all NEW episode of Conversations With Cogee featuring Julie A. Fast (author of Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder: Understanding and Helping Your Partner) and Josie Spinardi (author of How to Have Your Cake and Your Skinny Jeans Too: Stop Binge Eating, Overeating and Dieting For Good, Get the Naturally Thin Body You Crave From the […]

  • March 30 -The Hereafter: Shared Beliefs of The Afterlife

    This Monday, March 30th from 2-5pmPT/5-8pET, Tune in to an all new episode of Conversations With Cogee “The Hereafter: Shared Beliefs of The Afterlife” Featuring Mark Anthony The Psychic Lawyer (author of Evidence of Eternity), Lisa Ulshafer (author of Journey With An Angel), and Sandra Champlain (author of We Donʼt Die – A Skepticʼs Discovery of Life After Death). MARK ANTHONY Mark Anthony the “Psychic […]

  • March 23 – Take Control of Your Health: Alternative Medicine, Natural Healing and Lifestyle Changes

    With today’s health care system in a flux and mainstream media constantly pushing us toward quick fix solutions, weight loss diets, and medications it is important to learn more about preventative medicine, self-care and self-healing. Monday, March 23rd, from 2-5pmPST/5-8pmEST tune into an all New episode of Conversations With Cogee “Take Control of Your Health: Alternative Medicine, Natural Healing and Lifestyle Changes.” Featuring several authors, […]

I’m sending my blessings to Gary Coleman’s family and hopefully the world will have respect for him at a time like this. Hopefully they’ll hold the jokes and the bad memories, and talk on how, when we were young, he was this sassy little-big-jaw-kid who would say, “What you talking bout Willis!” That made us laugh and follow him every week as if he was […]

I’m writing this blog right now because I heard something that really tripped me out today about someone close to me that’s out to try to sabotage me because of jealousy.  This person doesn’t even know that I know.  But Thank God that I always have a special person to come and tell me what I need to know. And to that person I thank […]

This morning I woke up feeling unsure about my prayers and God’s timing. As I tossed and turned all night, inside I could feel something happening to my soul and heart.  God has a way of getting your attention when you least expect it to happen and I opened up my eyes to total darkness and tears rolling down my face and my heart was […]

I read in the newspaper today about parents who are trying to teach responsibile drinking by letting their teenagers have alcohol at home. But in a recent study of 428 families, researchers found that the more teenagers were allowed to drink at home, the more they drank outside of home as well. What’s more it stated that teens who drank under their parent’s watch or […]

Whats up everybody? And blessings to you all.  Today I noticed something when I was in the gym working out.  I saw a lot more people that would be considered overweight and obese really trying hard to change their situation.  Even though a lot of people couldn’t really do all the exercises or fit in the machines, I’d seen them go find something else to […]

I just want to drop you all a thought.  Even though Tiger Woods finally spoke out yesterday I just think its sad that it took so long for him to come out and speak to the press on his side of the story.  Not only did it take so long, but I’m really blown away that how he let his family get crucified during that […]

What’s up my people!  I’m really happy to tell you about this new paper out in Vegas.  It’s a good one on crime.  All the photos in this really show you the people bringing our world down-with some unbelievable stories that make movies.  But are here in town, happening right under our noses.  But now we can see and hear all the realness and be […]

I’m sorry this comes later than New Years. I’m writing now because I misplaced my notebook. I didn’t want to put down words that were not my true feelings at that moment-so I wanted to get my notebook back. Now I have it and won’t misplace it again-I promise. Sorry again to you all! Now to the good stuff! This past year so many people […]

I’m writing about all these home invasions and the families that are being destroyed by this.  I know times are tough but to come into somebody’s home and hurt or kill their loved ones over nothing….because no amount you take adds up to a life being taken! I am saddened by all this-because it has been my black people on the news now.  Not saying color […]

Hello today everybody and many blessings to you all.  I really want you all to be careful eating this holiday.  Especially my black folks that are having soul food Thanksgiving dinners. Make sure to check out this article by Djehuty Ma’at-Ra.   Read it and take from it what is good for you and your family and pass on the knowledge of health.  In this article she says that […]

This is some real talk here now.  My boy asked me if he should get a divorce from his wife and I’m like,yo, I’m not going to answer that because she’s ok with me and I’m not destroying a (what I thougth) was a loving home.  There’s two sides to every story and thats not for me to answer. Not me, I have never been married, […]

Today I went to the mall and I was like “ok, all these dudes are carrying these babies, and there are no baby mamas nowhere!Huh”  I thought,”Is today Father’s Day?” Even though I know it’s not, it was unreal.  So as I’m walking through, I’m giving props to the fellas, like “keep up the good work my brother!”  And they were proud, replying “thanks man, […]

To you all – Hopefully today has been good for you so far. And I want to know how thankful you are today and what are you greatful for. Why, the world of today is tough-so we have to keep each other up by asking this of eachother – to open your mind and heart – during hard times. So let me know how you […]

Check Out this story: Interracial Couple Denied Marriage License about a Louisiana justice of the peace who refused to issue a marriage license to an interracial couple out of concern for any children they might have. I think its sad that nobody can just let the racism go.  This is a world now with a black president.  I know some people might not like it.  […]

It’s sad what I’m hearing about all these kids that are being misused,raped and abducted. How much more has to happen before we put a stop to it? These pedophiles think it’s cool to do this to all children that cross their paths, destroying homes. I’m tired of it and I feel something has to happen,by any means necessary, to these pedophiles who hurt our […]

Sometimes in life you meet a person that’s very broken, bitter, and shallow. The worst thing you can do is always assume that that’s automatically a bad person. Maybe if you talk to that person or knew of that person’s past you might not be able to forgive yourself of all the bad things you may have said or thought about this person who’s deeply […]

Conversations With Cogee™ gets to the heart of show business because the game changes everyday.  There’s things to explain and some things unexplained, there’s good news, bad news, there’s pain and there’s joy.  There’s love and there’s hate – BUT THINK– for every positive in this page, notice I came back with a negative.  Some negativeness comes from not being seen, heard or felt on […]