Cogee, the host of Conversations With Cogee, #1 Fastest Growing Listenership in Las Vegas on KLAV 1230AM -The Talk of Las Vegas, is also the founder, creator, and president of Hands Off Our Children, an organization that will provide services and support to victims of sexual child abuse. He is currently working on the Cogee’s Hands Off Act to be passed through congress to implement tougher punishments on convicted pedophiles. cogee dedicates one show a month to raising awareness on child sexual abuse. Visit www.ConversationsWithCogee.com, register to listen to previous shows. Every Monday, 2p-5p (PST). Listen live world wide!

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March 30 -The Hereafter: Shared Beliefs of The Afterlife

This Monday, March 30th from 2-5pmPT/5-8pET, Tune in to an all new episode of Conversations With Cogee “The Hereafter: Shared Beliefs of The Afterlife” Featuring Mark Anthony The Psychic Lawyer (author of Evidence of Eternity), Lisa Ulshafer (author of Journey With An Angel), and Sandra Champlain (author of We Donʼt Die – A Skepticʼs Discovery of Life After Death). MARK ANTHONY Mark Anthony the “Psychic [...]

March 23 – Take Control of Your Health: Alternative Medicine, Natural Healing and Lifestyle Changes

With today’s health care system in a flux and mainstream media constantly pushing us toward quick fix solutions, weight loss diets, and medications it is important to learn more about preventative medicine, self-care and self-healing. Monday, March 23rd, from 2-5pmPST/5-8pmEST tune into an all New episode of Conversations With Cogee “Take Control of Your Health: Alternative Medicine, Natural Healing and Lifestyle Changes.” Featuring several authors, [...]

March16 – Rebroadcast

We will be rebroadcasting Conversations with Cogee today. Stay tuned in for next Monday for an all NEW episode!