In this epic episode of Conversations With Cogee, “The Community Speaks Out”, (Original airdate: April 18, 2011 Ep. 29), Cogee and his panel bring awareness on predators/pedophiles that are targeting and tormenting our children everyday. This episode is part of a series on Conversations With Cogee that sparked the Hands Off Our Children Movement. Cogee and his team encourage the community to speak up, speak out, and prevent further on-going child abuse.

The late former UFC Champion Kevin “The Monster” Randleman tells a powerful life story and what he had done to overcome many of life’s challenges (including sexual child abuse). At the age of 10, he was molested by a teacher at a summer football program. Even after letting his parents know, they did not believe him and it was swept under the rug.
Pedophiles not only steal the youth of children, they steal the lives of everyone these children are in touch with. Kevin became volatile toward others.

Kevin goes on to state that he did not deal with this molestation until he was 30 years old, in Japan, after winning a championship. He says that kids do not know how to tell us, and that if they open their mouths in anyway, we have to pay attention.

Also in this episode…
Special guests Smooth and Melissa share their stories of abuse from close family relatives, how both of them were not believed by other family members about the abuse and now they are both dealing with trust issues in all aspects of their relationships.

Elsa Prado (author of Dear Donar and Heart Stomp) shares with audience about fighting for her own daughter who was a victim. How important it is to believe in your children and what they tell you. She says that you can report convicted abusers/pedophiles of criminal activity, who have served time, who have returned to society, and that charges can be pressed against them for any additional wrongdoings. There is a statute of limitation in every state – a time frame that it can be reported. So reporting it to the authorities is very important.

Cogee talks about perpetrators/pedophiles and how they have gotten to the point where they aren’t scared anymore.

Elsa points out, “…we need to bring the perpetrators out from hiding. The biggest problem we have is the silence of the victims. So many victims are silent and that is why we can’t catch them – why we have not made progress. The hidden family secrets that have been kept hidden away, swept under the rug. That’s whats preventing us of getting a handle of this. All of us that want us to get involved, we need to write letters to congress, get involved, we are one community.”

Cogee adds how important prevention is and how to protect our children.

Miss Peaches reiterates “what Cogee talks about all of the time…If you are not on the side of the children, if you are not doing something to push forward so that we as the innocent people and children can stop living in fear of the predators then you are part of the problem, aiding and embedding the predators to do what they do…yes, it makes people sick to talk about this subject, but we need to turn our sickness and fear to make THEM (the predators) fearful and make them feal ashamed when they walk out of the house and for them to feel standoff-ish of people.”

To listen to more shows on this topic visit the Hands Off Our Children youtube channel ( and official website (now available in Spanish!)


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