Sunday Morning Soul Searching

On March - 24 - 2010

This morning I woke up feeling unsure about my prayers and God’s timing. As I tossed and turned all night, inside I could feel something happening to my soul and heart.  God has a way of getting your attention when you least expect it to happen and I opened up my eyes to total darkness and tears rolling down my face and my heart was beating fast, like I was anxious to hear or see somebody-but God talked to me with a low voice like a whisper, where you feel somebody’s in your ear.  Now before I say this you all are probably thinking, Cogee’s tripping on something. Naaa,no drinks, no weed, none of that-that ain’t me.  This is all my natural God given thoughts.  He said to me, “The things you worry about you can’t change. Only I can. And things come in due season of your blessing.” I thought, “Its like you don’t hear me.”  He said,”If you have faith why should I move fast, and push you in an arena that you’re not ready for and the blessing won’t be in place, because the timing’s off.”  And I thought, “You’re blessing everybody but me.”  He said,” Your mission has a different path, meaning-many have been called, but few are chosen-to do great works under My name.  So write this for the whole world to read and let them know I am always with them and I’m always on time.”

So as I sat on the side of the bed still hearing and writing, God said to me”You can’t lead with little faith you have to believe and stand your ground and bring this to life.  The more people say you’re crazy or making this up, keep going.  When people walk away from you, keep going.  When the road gets rough, keep going.  Speak your thoughts but stand your ground and I will touch the hearts of those chosen to assist you as they read this and Bless you in any way under My name to suceed on this mission.”

I continued to hear, “As you give the best you have to offer this world, everybody won’t believe and some people, as you will see, will not follow your faith.  But don’t lose faith as they walk away.  I will link you up with people of valor and that have the same vision.  Always speak good things to others-not harmful words.  Don’t plot or sit in the mist of wickedness, just keep on moving.  Never say it might happen.  Always say it can happen-meaning-life’s blessings.  And know the kids are crying out.  Save them.  Go bring them to safety.  Talk to the gang bangers-you been there in life. No harm will come to you just stand in their presence and I will speak for you.  Time is on all our sides-meaning what we do with this time on earth-there’s no limit to God’s greatness. “just keep the faith and know he’s always beside you!


P.s. I truly believe these words.  I would not have posted this to lie to you, to trick you all, or to get anything from it.  Other than giving you knowledge in knowing you always got a friend in me (under God) and in whoever you believe in.  I bless this under the blood of Jesus.

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