Hey Everyone, Cogee’s working on a few projects and won’t be live in studio tomorrow, March 19th. It is very sad, but a little kid came up to Cogee and told him that he has HIV because his mother had used drugs/needles when she was pregnant with him…and didnt care about hurting him. The kid did not even look like he had it. So Cogee wanted to rebroadcast the “Living With HIV/AIDS: Is There Really A Way Out?” show again, to really bring awareness on this situation to help our community…
This show was very powerful and an informative show about HIV/AIDS awareness. Its aim was and still is to enlighten the ones that are ill-educated. To answer questions…Is there a cure? Is there really a way out? You will hear testimonies from HIV/AIDS survivors, including special in-studio guest Derek Washington (diagnosed with HIV in 2006 & is a big part of the diversity and outreach team at AFAN). Nancy A. Draper – author of A Burden of Silence: My Mother’s Battle with AIDS.(transfusion acquired). Make sure you stay tuned in for the nutrition advice from David Wolfe (one of the founders of the raw-food nutritional movement).
So tune in tomorrow for some great staying healthy knowledge!!

Please everybody, use protection and be smart.  It only takes a minute to get protection but you live with the disease for a lifetime. And Cogee asks you all to please protect yourself.

Also, stay tuned in for the next following weeks for some inspiring, life-changing shows!!

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