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February 2012 Hairess Press – COGEE: A Single Voice That Changes So Many Lives With Each & Every Show

We recently sat down with the one and only Cogee, from the hit radio shows, “Conversations With Cogee” and “Hands Off Our Children” of Las Vegas’ KLAV radio station.  He joined the table with his cool and calm demeanor and the voice that changes lives daily.
H: Cogee, let’s get right to it.  Where are you originally from?
C: Heaven…(as he laughs), the home of Muhammad Ali – for all of those who don’t know where he’s from, do your homework.
H: As a child, what did you aspire to be?
C: A football player for the NFL!
H: When did you decide to go into the radio industry?
C: I didn’t, it chose me.  Two years ago, I had a calling and I answered.
H: What did you do before the radio industry?
C: I worked with Jacobi’s Men’s Fashions as Director of Marketing and Production Manager, assisting with marketing and commercials.  I traveled to the Magic Convention to buy clothes and shadowed Jacobi to learn more about business.  Jacobi became a mentor and brother to me. He is a big part of my success!  And I will always be a part of the Jacobi family because he always believed in me and took a chance on my ideas, and we had great success together and some great times proving the naysayers wrong.  Whattup Jac?! Thank you very much for the love and sticking by me closer than a real family brother. God Bless.
H: Tell us what Conversations With Cogee is all about.
C: It’s a community based show with awareness and knowledge.
H: You also have a show that is getting rave reviews on Wednesdays called “Hands Off Our Children”, give us some insight on that show and where the passion and fire came from.
C: Seeing the news and one of my best friends in the Military – his daughter got raped by his ex-wife’s boyfriend.  That lit my fire to save as many children as I can.
H: How do your children play a role in the show?
C: They are Hands Off Our Children.  It all starts with the way that I love them and I think anybody that has an organization has to FIRST have an invested interest before they can even claim it.
H: We’ve listened to your shows and you always thank your team and give them the accolades, what does your team mean to you?
C: My team means everything to me.  They believe in the cause, love people, and are all humanitarians.  Most importantly, they’ve all been with me since day one.
H: What can listeners expect from both shows in 2012?
C: They can expect to be enlightened with knowledge, a spiritual feel, and my shows carry no buffonery.  It’s an overall spiritual feeling.
H: For the potential sponsors out there, what would you like to say to them?
C: This is a very great cause to support and I think any time people know they can support children that makes them feel good.  Not only are they getting their place of business exposure, but they are spending money to help the community and its children.  All of our sponsors receive a plague for their business to show my appreciation as the President of Hands Off Our Children.
H: Tell us about some of the highlights and people that were a part of your show in 2011.
C: The relationship shows! Those were a blast – I had the opportunity to learn about how women felt.  Also, we had different doctors on the shows with great information that I was blown away by.  There were therapists that have come and have given great information to our community.  Some of the people that blessed our show includes:  Meagan Good, Percy Miller, Warrick Dunn, Brian J. White, Wendy R. Robinson, Monte Sanders, Todd Bridges, Kem, Saigon, Kevin “The Monster” Randleman, Mary Jo Buttafuoco, Datari Turner, Ty Hodges, Marcus Paulk, and so many more.
H: Cogee, what do you want to say to the listeners out there?
C: I want to thank the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the ability that he has chosen to give me and I am thankful for my gift to be able to turn and walk away to do God’s work and not man’s.  I want all of my listeners to know that I am truly thankful for them and their loyalty to our show.  Thank you to the sponsors that we have and continue to support us.  Thank you to Pie Heaven for the proceed that go to our organization.  And I pray for the people that are out there finding their way and I still care about them until this day; even though we don’t talk, my prayers are still with them and their families.  You know, both websites reflect the love and gratitude that people give me from the work I do on both shows.  I have knowledge and great guests to give advice.
Tune in to listen to upcoming shows:
KLAV 1230 AM
Conversations With Cogee: Mondays 2-5pm (PST)
Hands Off Our Children: Wednesdays 2-4pm (PST)

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